Use a motorbike or scooter to get around, 52°

OK we all know that it would be ideal if we could all walk or cycle everywhere we needed to go, or use some sustainable form of public transport. Unfortunately life isn't always like that! So here's another option to add to your transportation repertoire.

Get yourself a small-cc motorbike or scooter. Use it for those journeys that are too long for a bike but don't justify a car, and for going places that are not served by public transport.

Since getting my 250cc motorbike a few years ago, I have saved immense amounts of time, money and stress. No parking problems! Bypass the gridlock! Best of all I can ride more than 200km on a few litres of fuel.

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I ride my harley as much as I can during the warm weather. It's fun and saves gas.

in March 2009

Denise when I first read your comment I wondered how many cc your Harley is, and wondered if it would really save you gas if it's a biggie. But then I thought about it more and of course even if your bike is 1200cc it still only has to carry around a relatively light frame and body.

So a 1200cc Harley would still be a much better option than a 1200cc car that carries all that steel everywhere it goes.

I'm lucky to live in a place where we can ride all year round, not just in the warmer months. I no longer own a car and really don't miss it!

in April 2009

I think everyone reading should check out this link about emissions regarding your motorbikes...,0,1076364.story

in April 2009

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