Use Recycle Products, 421°

Use always recycle products as after usage they can be used again

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Using recycled products is better than buying new, but it also depends on the product.

If it's a powered product, you really have to question how necessary it is in the first place.

in July 2008

To be clear, there is a difference between reusing products, as in buying second hand clothes, cars, computers, etc and using products made from recycled content, such as paper products and clothing made from recycled plastic. Reusing beats recycling hands down and should be practiced when at all possible, reducing is even better.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

I agree with Leanne V.’s views here. I always prefer using recycled products especially the electronic products that consume more energy and resources to produce new ones than recycling the old ones. I prefer buying recycled printer cartridges. A Peter-borough, UK based company sell recycled cartridges and also take the empty original cartridges and pay you money for that. You can check out their website here.

in August 2010

Many people like to use power tools to speed up the work, but would you kill the Earth the only home we will ever have. People are willing to destroy our home. why are people willing to destroy us. If humans are willing to destroy the earth than I am not human.

in March 2012

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