Go Paperless, 122°

Take advantage of all possible electronic billing, pay bills online, paperless banking and insurance. Shop through online catalogues and stop any paper subscriptions. Use email and attachments whenever possible.

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I do all my banking via online access, and store my financial files electronically. I research purchases online first before driving anywhere. I read my newspaper online, and avoid subscribing to any magazines, finding the information online instead. Overall, I'm creating less pollution.

in March 2009

I also decline receipts at ATM's, etc.

in August 2011

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in September 2014

i also want to avoid the use of paper, because it need to cut trees and it is the main reason for global warming. whatsapp status
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whatsapp DP. We also need to say happy mothers day 2015 and in some day whatsapp will be available to every mother but today it is not possible that every mother uses whatsapp.

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