Go Paperless, 122°

Take advantage of all possible electronic billing, pay bills online, paperless banking and insurance. Shop through online catalogues and stop any paper subscriptions. Use email and attachments whenever possible.

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I do all my banking via online access, and store my financial files electronically. I research purchases online first before driving anywhere. I read my newspaper online, and avoid subscribing to any magazines, finding the information online instead. Overall, I'm creating less pollution.

in March 2009

I also decline receipts at ATM's, etc.

in August 2011

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in September 2014

i also want to avoid the use of paper, because it need to cut trees and it is the main reason for global warming. whatsapp status
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in April

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
i also want to avoid the use of paper, because it need to cut trees and it is the main reason for global warming.

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