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Many artists are pushing the boundaries of art and environmental awareness by incorporating messages and thematics reminiscent of social change in their work. Projects supported could be simple or very complex ones. Supporting an artist could be done through financial means, through professional support, through your contacts or through sheer encouragement. Choose the "art" you like! Modern dance, environmental art per se, neo-graffiti, public art, film making, theatrical street performances or even the creation of eco-design objects.

All in all, by supporting an artist you will be able to use his or her creativity to touch people with more than classic theoretical and academic explanations. The power of creativity is immense. Its impacts even more so...

Next time you talk to an artist. Share your thoughts on this with him or her... the action will be accomplished to a good 50%!

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Through my association with the Goethe-Institut, I am supporting a group of very talented artists (mainly contemporary dancers) who will perform on and around a car in a public space in May 2009. Keep an eye on the name of the show: AUTO-FICTION. It will be held on the margins of MUTEK’s 10th Anniversary (an international electronic music festival).

AUTO-FICTION is an urban activism event set on its most appropriate stage: a city street! The show is a combination of contemporary dance with electronic music and… a car.

Placed in the middle of a street; a car becomes the focal point around which the artists perform.

Some may prefer to use of the term “activism” to that of “street art” or "street performance" since the performers convey a highly charged message: we need to rethink the place of cars in our cities. What better language to do this than that of the body. It should touch very deep emotions in passers-by. To me, this is what art is all about.

Spectators are invited to reflect on their intimate relation with cars. The objective is for the audience to experience a rethink on the way we use cars in urban areas.

Milan Gervais and Andrew Turner, two young dancers based in Montreal, Canada and Christine Joy Ritter (from Berlin, Germany) present a choreographed triptych in which the third character is as remote from flesh and bones as one could imagine: the car.

The stage is the street. Where else would a car accept a dance?

There are so many people involved in the project that participate for the simple reason that they believe in the message... and most are unpaid.

More to come...

More artists to support. I would love to hear of some of your ideas for action.

in February 2009

HI to all
We are announcing a small but significant award in NZ for young artists who can combine their ecological and artistic skills. I hope that this heralds a newly informed era where artists do not have to disguise their political or social impressions to be recognised as significant aesthetic contributors. see the celsias project page on Waiora or

in May 2009 She is an artist with enviromental and sustaining native cultures -awareness....

in October 2010

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