Build your own solar cooker, 32°

Be it a cooker (like the CooKit or Eagle) or a solar food dehydrator, make your own and harness the power of the sun to cook your food.

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This summer it's going to get done!

in March 2009

This is something I have been intending to do for a while - you have just inspired me to get on with it!

in March 2009

Where do you get one?

in March 2009

Build a solar dehydrator for sure. That is a very practical and useful thing that can give you many years of trusty service. If you have a solar dehydrator you will not need a conventional one.

A solar cooker is a different matter. Unless you live in a very sunny place is is not really that practical but is really a novelty item. Thus, from an energy perspective, a solar cooker is most likely to use more energy to make than it will really produce. If you do make one for fun and education then make one with a group of friends.

in May 2009

That sounds like an interesting project to pursue. I write about similar stuff in my blog at

in June 2010

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