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Do your best to plan meals, and not let food go to waste. It has taken significant amounts of energy to grow & produce the food that we eat from farming, to transportation, to processing, and cooking, and refrigeration. It is important that we think of our meals & the food in our fridge as energy.

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Now that I'm working from home, hopefully I'll stop buying food to cook and being too tired to cook it!

in June 2008

In the UK we throw away a third of the food we buy, which is crazy for so many reasons - landfill, rising food prices, and carbon emissions can all be mitigated by throwing away less food!

in June 2008

This is easy to do

in June 2008

If you can, get chickens. They convert scraps into eggs.

in July 2008

We freeze "free flow" so that we only defrost what we need. Scraps go to the dog or to the chickens.

in July 2008

yeh!! Dont waste
If you have extra food give it to some road side children

in July 2008

Add to your compost!

in July 2008

Add to your compost!

in July 2008

Any food scraps end up feeding the tiger worms, which produce the wonderful vermicast that my veggies love to grow in !

in July 2008

Since I've started planning our meals for the week ahead, we don't have any fruit and veges left over that have gone off and have to be thrown out by the end of the week. I look at each recipe and only add the exact amount to the shopping list, e.g. 3 carrots, whereas before I would buy a whole bag. It's saved both money and wasted food.

in August 2008

Leftovers are delish for lunch the next day! And anything that you need to throw out is perfect for a compost heap.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

No fridge means having to plan on not having leftovers! :)


in January 2009

I have the best ever recipes for re-using leftovers the following day! Soups, stews, frittatas, bread and butter pudding, pies... There is rarely a good reason to throw away food IMO.

Good stock rotation practises in fridges and cupboards are essential. Good for your health, your budget and your conscience!

in March 2009

There is nothing wrong with left overs, so long as you use them properly.

For example, in the Good Old Days, a chicken would make three or more meals:
1) Hot roast
2) Cold lunch from some of the left overs.
3) Shredded scraps in sandwiches.
4) Carcase as a starter stock for soup.

Then, what's left after that goes into the compost.

in April 2009

I'm used to cooking for a large family, however some kids are moving out, and our food needs fluctuate from day to day. I've developed a habit of making food and the main meal will be cooked, then the next day what ever is left over will be used to create either a soup, taco, burrito or omelet. In this way, I don't throw away as much food. The family is used to this kind of meal sequence. New food, recycled food, new food, recycled meal. It works really well, especially if you like soups!

in June 2009

nothing organic leaves the property. we don't over buy, cook what is needed, always make meals with left overs. Only food waste is peelings and tea leaves which go to bokashi compost.

in May 2010

So easy to set up a communal compost in your area, just reminding people to put it there is one of those problemos

in July 2010

.....common sense because wasting food is not a good attitude... alright....

in September 2010

I utilize leftovers for creative dishes... IE: Leftover rice gets thrown in a pan with some ready-to-throw-out veggies, soy sauce, scrambled egg and ready-to-throw-out turkey lunch meat for a stir-fried rice... and my kids LOVE it.

in August 2011

Its solution is so simple; eat in piecemeal and take food in your plate in piecemeal

in November 2012

Small regular shops at your local grocers or farmers markets rather than a huge supermarket shop helps cut down on wastage. And you're supporting your neighbourhood too.

in January 2013

Today, much kitchen waste is sent down the drain to be pulverized in the waste disposer and then washed down the drain. A round disk in the bottom of the container section of a disposer has blades called mashers that force the waste, by centrifugal force, through serrated teeth that line the inner wall of the device. Thanks for sharing.
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in July 2013

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in November 2013

Processing, in addition to cooking, in addition to refrigeration. It is crucial Digital Marketing Agency individuals consider our dishes & the food in your fridge while electricity.

in December 2013

People never care about wasting food, they prefer to throw the food away to the trash. People should be aware of the work that takes to put everything in the supermarket so we can enjoy a nice meal.
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in February

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in August

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