Carbon Diary, 11°

I am going to keep a Carbon Diary. Basically record my Carbon Dioxide Emissions (or equiv) so I can start to understand better what my carbon footprint is and hopefully be able to substantially reduce it.

These are the following areas that I am measuring (units in brackets): Car transport (km travelled), Public transport (km travelled); Electricity (kWh used); Food - will be broken up into Fruit&Veg, Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Packaged&Processed ($ spent); Air travel (km travelled); Other Consumables ($ spent).

I am going to research then what ways there are then to calculate the equiv CO2 emissions from my activities.

Its not going to 100% accurate but I figure its a start...

Be very interested in other thoughts on this action...

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Also I am still thinking about we compost and recycle, I wasnt sure how to calculate the emissions from the rest...any ideas?

in February 2009

Getting agreement on how to calculating absolute emissions is very difficult, if not impossible because you need to draw the line as to where you stop and makes it hard to make comparisons between vastly different industries and producers.

The best you can do is to figure out an accounting mechanism for yourself and use that as a relative measure rather than an absolute one. That is enough to think about your impact and help you modify your own behavior patterns.

Measuring $ spent is a start but it is often not very accurate. For example, grass fed meat is far less polluting than feedlot raised meat yet is more expensive.

in April 2009

Great Otherwise hopeless on account that you will have to attract the line as to the place give up and helps it be tricky to make side by side comparisons concerning vastly unique markets and producers, being legal contract on the way to computing total emissions is really complicated.

The highest quality you could do is to determine an data processing system by yourself and employ that in the form of relative estimate in preference to an absolute an individual. That is enough to contemplate your effects and aid you to transform your own private practices patterns.

Calculating $ expended is usually a begin the process of yet it is typically not very correct. For example ,, grass given animal meat is significantly less polluting than feedlot heightened meat yet still is much more high priced. cenotes around playa del carmen

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