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Ridesharing helps reduce your emissions!

If you drive a sole-occupancy vehicle you pay 100% of the costs and are responsible for 100% of the emissions.

If you instead have just one passenger riding shotgun your costs and emissions are reduced to 50% per person! It is so powerful yet so simple to do!

Even if you don't regularly commute anywhere, use an online system (like http://www.jayride.co.nz in New Zealand) to share any one-off trips you make. You'll have fun meeting new people, save money and help the environment!

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If you know any other ridesharing sites online that can help people to share their one-off travel, then share them here. Let's make this a directory for great rideshare tools around the globe.

in February 2009

http://www.Ridebuzz.org is an entirely free rideshare website, that offers free services to everyone including rideshare software programs for Municipalities, Universities, Corporations, and any kind of event or activity you could imagine(conference/festivals).

The software has a geographic matching and email notification system to quickly connect riders and drivers with options to carpool.

Ridebuzz is a registered 501 c3 non-profit committed to advancing sustainable transportation with ridesharing strategies.

in July 2009

We all are facing the environmental issue of suffering the inhalation of the poisonous gas from several factory outlets. Scientists have come up with the Ridesharing, which lets you to reduce the level of emissions. It’s set up procedure is very simple.
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