Brew your own beer, 101°

By brewing your own beer you cut down on transport and you recycle all your bottles and it tastes great. Its also very cheap. It's a no brainer!

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Hehe - nice one. Drink your way to a cooler world. Serious though, think this is a great idea and is something I've been planning on for a while. Is there any chance you could start this as a discussion and perhaps talk us through how you do it??

in June 2008

As an avid beer drinker, I'm definitely up for this. :-) I second Matthew's request for a guide, though, because I have no idea where to start with this.

in June 2008

I remember my Dad doing this when I was a kid, and you can buy home brew kits at the supermarket.

I think I'll give it a try, and save some money and fuel!

in June 2008

This is one I would love to try! As others have stated, however, I also don't know were to begin.

in July 2008

how can we make this a reality? I third the guide idea

in July 2008

ok, well after having a quick dig around, this site looks pretty good...

There are loads of sites that sell the stuff you need, but does anyone know the best stuff to get?

in August 2008

Is there a discussion on here about this yet? We really need to have one!

I have this kind of utopian brewing system in mind - you brew your lovely beer and one of the by-products is concentrated carbon dioxide. You then pipe this into a growing system so you can use it to boost the growth of edible plants. The plants turn it back into carbon and oxygen... you breathe the oxygen and eat the carbon... and I think I need another beer while I think about this some more.


in March 2009

I brew and it is really a no-brainer if you use those canned extracts (which is where I suggest you start). Just follow the instructions on the inside of the wrapper. Once you've done it a few times you'll figure out your own shortcuts etc.

* Plastic brew bucket (30 litres or so) with tap at the bottom and a strip thermometer stuck on the side. It needs a good fitting lid and a bubbler airlock.
* Bottles. You need 30x750ml for starters.
* Various stuff found in the average kitchen (pots, funnel etc).
* You typically don't need all the fancy gadgetry. Remember brewing is 3000 years old!
* Some sort of sanitizer. Try to get the stuff that just generates oxygen and minerals as it it 100% biodegradable.

A brew shop will set you up but will probably try to sell you more than you need.

As Lindis notes, brewing does produce some CO2. For each gram of alcohol it produces approximately 2 grams of CO2. That means a standard brew of 23.5 litres (approx 6 gallons) produces approx 1 kg of ethanol and approx 2kg of CO2.... about the same as driving 10-15km.

Perhaps that needs a new slogan: "Bike For Beer"! Riding 1km is offset for drinking a beer.

in April 2009

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in March

I failed to create decent beer. Every time I try it tastes terrible in a different way. But I'm happy at least someone is making it right. - Kollin from

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