Kill a possum (in New Zealand), 27°

They might be cute but they're destructive to plants and birds.

Shoot em, trap them, whatever!

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Do you eat em too? Or burn their entrails and spread it around your vege garden to prevent them coming back as I've organic farmers have done?

in December 2008

I do one of two things:

* Bury them near fruit trees or green manure plants to get the nutrients back into a useful place.
* Leave them in the fields to feed the birds of prey.

in January 2009

How about trapping them in a have a heart trap and relocating them?

in March 2009

Relocating possums in New Zealand is a very bad idea. Possums destroy the environment wherever they are, so how does it help to move them from one area to another?

Possums in NZ are an introduced pest, not a native species, so the normal rules of trying to preserve life don't apply. That's not to say you should be cruel - dispatch them humanely.

Of course if they could be relocated back to Australia that would be a different matter. However the Australians don't want them back :-).

in April 2009

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