Veggie Garden, 301°

Cleared a large swathe of overgrown mess at the end of the garden and put in 8 large raised beds (2mx1m). Took a few months but it's going very well.

The new potatoes taste like they are from a different planet when compared to supermarket ones. 30 mins from farm to plate!!

Also in: garlic, cabbage (yum), courgettes, pumpkins, tomatoes, silver beet, beans, cauliflower and more. Will try and whack up some photos shortly.

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This is probably the best single thing that almost anyone can do to help the environment.

Apart from the obvious: saving transport and reducing agri-impact it reconnects people with real food production.

in December 2008

I would add to this, start a chicken or rabbit tractor to go along with the garden and gets fresh eggs and meat and manure for the garden. Also, don't forget to compost your humanure as well!

in December 2008

I have been growing my own veggies now for about 20 years. Our family eats as local as it gets, providing them with tasty, and nutritious meals year around. It is the best thing you can do for yourself or family!

in January 2009

Hopefully the importance of growing veggies rather than grass particularly in densly populated areas will get some emphasis in the US. There is now a movement to change the lawn in front of the White House into an organic farm. You can sign the petition at

in January 2009

The veggie garden is producing like crazy. So far in the last few months we have had new potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, carrots, courgettes, beans, cucumber, cabbages, lettuces amongst many more plus pumpkins are going crazy and peppers and tomatoes are on the way. Fruit trees also doing well: apple, feijoas, fig.......its a dream.

If anyone needs some courgettes just let me know :-)

in February 2009

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