Planting Vetiver Grass,

Planting vetiver grass is a way of protecting the soil against erosion through its non-invasive nature and deep roots. It acts as a natural 'pest trap' protecting crops in an organic way, it retains water in the soil, and the leaves make excellent mulch. Vetiver is also a very efficient way to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.
I am running a vertiver nursery in Senegal,and planting vetiver for my own crops (fruit trees). My action is to go on spreading the technology of vetiver, and to plant more. Anyone wanting to find out more abut the Vetiver System can do so at, or through my blog at:

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Plentily grown in India. Good suggestion

in March 2009

Very common in India...

in March 2009

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it is also widely used in Brazil
I will try to do in my farm thanks :)
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