Dry laundry on the clothes-line , 1366°

Instead of firing up the dryer, go old-fashioned and hang your clothes out on the line. According to Greenpeace Canada, this can save some three to four kilowatt hours of energy per load and more if your dryer is inefficient.

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I also vacuum out the dryer's lint trap and vent hose so that when I use it the dryer is supercharged (or superclean).

in June 2008

Ack! Talk about a common sense thing that I keep putting off!

in June 2008

I use clothes airers in our house in front of heaters, on days when it is just too rainy, or so cold that my washing would freeze on the line.

in June 2008

Might seem a dumb question, but how else do you dry clothes? I tried leaving them in a pile for a week but they just ended up smelling. When it rains, we just have a house full of airing racks.

in July 2008

This is one of the advantages of living in one of the sunniest regions in NZ - the other is that it is also good for wine!!!

in July 2008

...if not done by my wife already...

in July 2008

Pleased to say I haven't used one in over 3 years....uh oh, it's that rainy season again though.....

in July 2008

I've heard that some suburban communities don't allow drying clothes on clotheslines outside because it's not "aesthetically pleasing". For goodness sakes! I'm sure saving the planet is more important than having a perfect backyard.

in July 2008

We have that problem in Australia. It's illegal to hang clothes outside if you live in an apartment block. Councils need to help people find ways to get around this.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

Not only do we use the sun and wind power of nature, but also use indoor drying racks in inclement weather. My adult children do the same.

in September 2008

due to the ozone hole and clarity of the Hawke's Bay sky hanging my clothes outside makes my jeans very trendy after one wash....faded and falling apart

in September 2008

Be careful about drying your clothes inside your house on a drying rack! Depending on your climate you can be adding a lot more moisture to your indoor air than you need to - meaning you need more energy to heat the air! It can be entirely counter-productive!

My personal priorities for clothes drying are:
A - Outside on a line
B - On a line/drying rack in the garage
C - In the clothes drier in the garage

I prefer to avoid drying clothes in living spaces at all.

in March 2009

Hey Jenny R: Last time I checked, Australia is more or less a democracy. Tell your councils to change the bylaws.
If they don't then change the council (by voting them out).

Lindis C is very correct to make that point about moisture. In some areas moisture control is very important. Moisture control depends largely on the type of heating you have. If you use a log burner that will draw away the moist air.

Otherwise, using a garage or other covered area is a good option.

in April 2009

This one is kind of a freebee for me, you don't actually see to many clothes driers here in Malaysia and it's always sunny, so no problem :)

in May 2009

I actually don't own a Clothes dryer. Have a line in the garage for wet days and an airing rack in the spare room. Can't beat getting those clothes out in the sunshine though they smell so sweet

in July 2009

I have never owned a clothes dryer mainly because I'm an electricity cheapskate. Does get tricky getting everything dry in NZ winter but I manage with drying racks for urgent stuff and lines inside the garage for everything else. In summer there's nothing like getting fresh warm clothes of the line where they've been hanging in the sun and blowing in the breeze.

in July 2009

My gas dryer quit working in March, so I started hanging my clothes out again (just like my mom used to do). Not only do I save tons of $$$, the clothes smell so good! We are now planning on putting a line in the furnace room of our basement for winter!!!!

in August 2009

I wash only by hand. Soak the clothes everyday in the morning after bath in a teaspoon of detergent.
Clean them in the evening. Rinse well and , squeeze the water out well. use hangers to put on line. Or just use pegs straight down in single file.
This allows more space for convection between lines, aeration and fresh clothes by dawn.One bucket full of clothes a day daily, there is no rush. Since the clothes soak for over 10 hrs, the detergent has time to work on the dirt thoroughly and the clothes do not need so much muscle power to get clean.It takes very little water for rinsing too.
I always have fresh clothes for work and fresh jeans and tee shirts for my son to college.

in September 2009

Relative humidity permitting, I dry clothes on a wood rack in the garage, which is more than 90% of the time. The really big thing that made it possible for me was getting an efficient front-loading washer that spins out the water so that clothes come out just barely damp. And, of course, cleaning the heaps of junk out of the garage helped, too....

in October 2009

Proud to say that I haven't used my clothes dryer in 7 years. I do live in a sunny, windy location so my outdoor drying is probably unusually good. In the winter/rainy months I hang dry indoors with a rack and along the banister by the wood stove. Good stuff.

in November 2009

easy - no clothes drier, and Waiheke is good weather for drying, in fact we need some rain.

in May 2010

This is so crazy. I could never imagine bothering with anything but a clothesline?!

in July 2010

Throwing clothes in the dryer is a bit of a hit and miss anyways. Your fave t-shirt would always shrink.

in September 2010

We use an interior folding rack for most items. In the winter time, our moisture level is very low, so we're grateful for the additional water vapor, which reduces the need for heat in the house - the perception of heat goes up with the moisture, so you don't have to raise the thermostat to achieve a certain comfort level.

in January 2012

This is one of the advantages of living in one of the sunniest regions in NZ - the other is that it is also good for wine!!!

in April

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