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Here in the UK we have a movement called Transition Towns. It has spread to become an international movement and offers communities a path towards resiliency in the face of peak oil and climate change. The Organic Consumers Association has a Transition Movement of it's own with similar goals. Localization, community building, sustainability, regenerative agriculture, energy independence, all these efforts come together to increase resiliency and can be found synthesized into these transition movements.

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Transition Towns

Organic Consumers Association Transition Movement

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Member of the Transition Towns Brighton Energy Group.

in December 2008

I'm involved with the Transition Cambridge group. We've been going for nearly a year and have several subgroups incl food and education. Tomorrow is the launch of our well-being group.

in January 2009

I love the book and I'm hoping to start the effort here in my small central Massachusetts town!

in February 2009

I'm working on getting a TT initiative up and running in Bermuda.

in May 2009

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in June 2015

Good job! Nobody have to standing out of this question. Because, you are talking about public services, and everybody facing with it everyday

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