Use clothing to regulate body temperature, 629°

Instead of turning a heater on, or up, put on more clothing.

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I'd like to suggest that you extend this to teaching others how to properly layer clothing for maximum warmth. This is particularly important for the elderly. Every year in Britain thousands of pensioners die of causes related to fuel poverty. They can't afford to heat their homes properly. Many use blankets to stay warm but when they move around are not dressed properly. Every winter my wife and I have to remind her mother to wear sensible clothing both when she goes out and in the house. She'll turn on the heat while wearing a thin cotton short sleeve t shirt and thin acrylic cardigan, no long johns, no cap. Meanwhile I'm wearing long johns, fleece pants, a long sleeve heavy cotton t shirt, a fleece overshirt and quite often a cap. Old habits die hard, if we weren't there to remind her, as we won't be next winter, she would wear what comes out of the drawer instead of searching for the right clothing for the conditions.

No matter how many times we suggest it I don't think she will ever wear a cap indoors.

in November 2008

Yeah, good idea. I'll look into this. Stay tuned

in November 2008

It is just little things like this, that almost anyone can do, that have the biggest effects on our lives and our environment.

---Come to the dark side, we save power!---

in December 2008

It's cosy having a nice blanket over you and your family in the evenings.

in December 2008

We do this, I sleep in 2-3 layers of clothes, (thermal underwear, fuzzy PJs and sweat pants) to keep warm at night, we heat our cabin with a wood burning stove, it's difficult to keep the fire going all night, plus we don't want to burn all the wood we have so it's better to keep warm with clothing. Don't worry, we harvest dead wood on our property, there is lots of it, we don't have to cut down living trees. :)

in January 2009

C Robb W., that's a bit of a turnaround isn't it? My mother was always telling me "wear a singlet!" or "put on a hat!" if I was feeling cold.

Give your dear old mum-in-law a warm hug from all of us next time you see her :)

in March 2009

I shut the heat off in the main part of the house about a month ago. I keep just the bedroom and kitchen on, it's just to cold not to.I love my warm flannel and cotton layers.

in March 2009

Have you hugged a knitter today? If not you should... maybe you'll get a reward!

I can't knit but I can spin. My wife knits though. That way we get to tag-team making homespun garments using wool off our own sheep.

If you knit you can design and make warm clothing that you can't get in stores. Store bought clothing is all about fashion and has no interest in the practicalities of keeping warm.

It is important to keep your head warm. Up to 40% of your body heat can be lost through your head.

in May 2009

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in November 2013

The article was so helpful because it taught me how to arrange the layers of clothing in order to get warmth for your body. There are certain techniques associated with layering your cloth, and this will be highly beneficial for elderly people. Thanks for the good share.
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in December 2013

You got the right point. It feels better if you do it normally on this way than heating up with the heater. We had a great discussion here. Hope to have some more ideas to come out. Thanks fellas.
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in January

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in January

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in February

Utiliser des vêtements de réguler la température du corps, 629 °
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