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Reduce the amount of fertilizer and pesticide going into water tables and natural environments by choosing certified organic gardening products.

Totally natural products also produce healthier fruit & vegetables, with no withholding period before you eat them!

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An interesting story I heard while in Melbourne Australia last week was about the development of the perfect pest poison. I got this from a renowned gardening guru and wonder if anyone has heard it as well. In Aussie, there is a toxic sweet pea which the indigenous animals are immune to (botanists in the UK early on didn't believe this but a dog which ate the berries died almost instantly) . They have built up a defense to it over the years and now the Kangas happily munch away, even though the seetpea has been increasing the toxidity of it's berries at the same time to try to avoid being eaten. Scientists have made the perfect poison from this plant - 1080. It is perfect because it's harmless to native animals in Oz, only killing imported pests. The interesting factor is that here in NZ, we use barrel loads of it every month even though the plant it comes from is not indigenous to our country. Biological science gone mad.

in November 2008

Don't forget to use humanure as well as composting vegetable matter. Every single thing that was once living can be composted, even some petroleum products! Starting a chicken or rabbit tractor helps, and you get fresh meat and eggs on top of everything else!

in December 2008

Yep, I do this too, we grow a lot of our own food in the garden, I use diatomeceous earth instead of pesticides, that and soap make great bug killers. I have lots of other "tips" for gardening here:


in January 2009

I transformed an abandoned sand pit into pasture and garden with the help of llamas and goats. Well composted animal manure and barn bedding does wonders for the soil - there is no need for other inputs.

in January 2009