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Your website, as an expression of your vision and passion, is the greatest shot you've got at making a difference in the world. Having a website and a strong internet presence has become a necessity for aspiring entrepreneurs, businesses, and infomarketers. So if you're committed to taking direct action and getting a website, why not host your site with a company that is also taking direct action to make a positive impact on the world.

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And which company would that be?

in November 2008

I'd recommend I host my site ( with them.

They're 100% carbon neutral, and give some pretty amazing prices for their hosting. I've been extremely impressed with their level of service too. They take a bit more of a relaxed, personal approach to their support correspondence - lets you know the person helping you took the time to read your email and write a responce rather than cutting and pasting a generic one.

Use the same coupon code I did... 35PLUS1FREE gave me my domain free for life and a $35 discount.

in November 2008

I use Dreamhost for my sites too, and totally agree with L - their service has been great and the costs have been comparable to pretty much any decent host (and it's fun to have their little "Green Hosting" logo in my site footers).

in February 2012

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