Crowdfund a Brew Hostel, 12°

When you've got a Sustainable Cohousing Network, Crowdfunding a Brew Hostel is the logical next step. Our all-in-one Backpackers Brewery assists, in turn, with the development of community-owned renewable energy projects, involving solar power and the conversion of locally-sourced waste vegetable oil into clean and safe biodiesel.

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Whoa - this sounds awesome. Check out this article I wrote about what you're doing -
10 Steps To Sustainability Every Brewery Should Consider

Let me know if there are any ideas I left out. Thx

in January 2010

I had a similar community when I was in college. We were just seven. But we managed to pull some great projects for our college. We actually planted some trees around the collage so that our peers can remember us! Thank you for sharing your story
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