Sign the Petition to End Horse Fighting, 92°

Several groups are actively campaigning to stop the barbaric practice of horse fighting. In this cruel practice, that some call sport, horses are corralled and forced to fight each other. The horses suffer severe injuries and do not receive any veterinary care. Often, horses that are badly injured (or killed) during the fight are slaughtered and fed to the crowds.

Please sign the online petition against this brutal practice:

Signatories to this petition will have their names sent to the Government of the Philippines and the Mayor of Davao City asking for the laws on animal welfare to be enforced.

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Thanks to all those who have taken the time to support this petition. We now have over 220 signatures and still climbing.

in November 2008

Thanks Sudeep,

I haven't used Google Chrome yet.. I'm a die hard Firefox fan I'm afraid. I'll check around to see if anyone else has reported problems with that site. I hope not!

Thanks again to all you guys for supporting this petition.

in November 2008

How big of an issue is this? I have never seen this, and I have been around horses and horse people my entire life. In fact, before this post, I have never even heard of such a thing. I wonder how wide spread it is.

in December 2008

"How big of an issue is this?"

I don't even know how to respond to such a remark. I personally believe that any animal abuse is a "big issue."

Thanks again to all those people who took the time to read this action and read and sign the petition.

in December 2008

This is so shocking. Like Abraham above I had never heard of it either though I am a WSPA supporter and get their newsletters. I'm sorry I missed the opportunity to sign the petition as it is closed now though I did get info from the WSPA site about writing to the Phillipines embassy here in NZ. I'll do that right now.

in July 2009

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in March