NonElectronic form of Entertainment (TimePass mostly), 152°

Greetings dear clan members... How are you'll doing??

I had this idea a couple of days back in my dream... Which i thought should have been placed here already. But, today, when i searched "non electronic form of entertainment", i could not find any action! So... Here it goes....

Use of Non Electronic form of Entertainment - Mostly Time Pass related stuff which we can practice consciously should help in saving a great deal of energy - at the same time, it will definitely help in socializing at a personal level (i mean, in real world - not virtual world)

Thus, using Games like: Chess, Scrabble, Playing-cards, and many many more can definitely be energy saving fun :)

Last weekend we brought Chess & Scrabble. Next weekend, we have UNO + Playing Cards on our agenda....

So... Have you got your board already??

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It is very encouraging to see participation..
Thank you in advance :)

in October 2008

Hi - would be good if you didn't call us clan members... feels like you expect me to wear a pointy white hat and a bed sheet :)

in October 2008

Or a Kilt.
My wife's family has a history with Scrabble. Her father competed here in Britain on a national level. I soon realized when I met her that learning the game was going to be essential to our relationship. Not since childhood had I been into any type lof board games, I'm rather uncooperative by nature. It's a good thing too as I started with words like "cat, it, the" which quickly led to resounding defeats. I think I didn't win a game, aside from the ones she let me win early on, for 2 years! But I persevered and gradually became quite enamored of the game.

When we moved on board our boat to live off grid we didn't have any form of electronic entertainment for the first year or so and even when we did, a laptop to watch DVD's on, we were limited by it's energy use which we had to carefully monitor. So we played a game of scrabble almost every night. We usually played in the cockpit while also cooking, watching the glorious mid atlantic sunset, tracking the local kingfisher as he worked the shore and defended his territory, talking to neighboring boaters, even swimming midgame. Sometimes our game would last for hours. It was absolutely wonderful and is an enduring memory of that time. As part of our past off grid lifestyle scrabble earned a special place in my heart, not to mention because it is was such a part of our relationship as well, and will most assuredly be a part of lives in whatever lifestyle we lead. We still play though not as much. No matter where we live we always have a board with us, even in a tent when backpacking.

in October 2008

Isn't there strong mitochondrial genetic evidence that we are all descended from one African woman some 140,000 years ago?
That puts a new spin on the word "clan".

in October 2008

A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent. Even if lineage details are unknown, clan members may be organized around a founding member or apical ancestor. The kinship-based bonds may be symbolical, whereby the clan shares a "stipulated" common ancestor that is a symbol of the clan's unity. When this ancestor is not human, it is referred to as an animalian totem. Clans can be most easily described as tribes or sub-groups of tribes. The word clan is derived from 'clann' meaning 'family' in the Irish and Scottish Gaelic languages. The word was taken into English about 1425 as a label for the tribal nature of Irish and Scottish Gaelic society.[1] The Gaelic term for clan is fine [finɨ]. Clans preceded more centralized forms of community organization and government; they are located in every country. Members may identify with a coat of arms or other symbol to show they are an independent clan.

In different cultures and situations, a clan may mean the same thing as other kin-based groups, such as tribes, castes, and bands. Often, the distinguishing factor is that a clan is a smaller part of a larger society such as a tribe, a chiefdom, or a state. Examples include Irish, Scottish, Chinese, Japanese clans, Rajput clans, Nair Clan or Malayala Kshatriya Clan in India and Pakistan, which exist as kin groups within their respective nations. Note, however, that tribes and bands can also be components of larger societies. However, the early Norse clans, the ætter, cannot be translated with tribe or band, and consequently they are often translated as house or line. The Biblical tribes of Israel were composed of many clans,[2][3]Arab clans are small groups within Arab society. Ojibwa bands are smaller parts of the Ojibwa tribe or people in North America, as one example of the many Native American peoples distinguished by language and culture, most having clans and bands as the basic kinship organizations. In some cases more than one tribe recognized each other's clans; for instance, both the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes had fox and bear clans whose membership could supersede the tribe.[citation needed]

Apart from these different historical traditions of kinship, conceptual confusion arises from colloquial usages of the term. In post-Soviet countries, for example, it is quite common to speak of "clans" in reference to informal networks within the economic and political sphere. This usage reflects the assumption that their members act towards each other in a particularly close and mutually supportive way approximating the solidarity among kinsmen.

let the discussion about CLAN end here :)

What more offline games can we have??

in October 2008

Years ago I found myself on a small island in the marshes off the SE coast of the US. We ate all our food and had hours till bedtime. We devised a backgammon board out of shells and sand. We wrote numbers on paper for the dice. It took hours. Backgammon should be on the list though I don't play my wife any more because she has the ability to roll doubles 3,4, sometimes 5 times in a row. Very Frustrating! I guess we should go to Vegas.

in October 2008

Our kids love cards (luckily I was brought up in a card playing household and love card games too). One of the best games we have just started playing is dominoes. Great for maths and number recognition, not to mention the fun stacking and knocking them over in rows!

in November 2008

Me being a kid, I know how hard this can be for me and my comarades, being so used to our computers and what-not. My advice for any parents having trouble getting their kids into the idea of not using electricity for a bit, start with maybe a game night, every second week. If they like it, you can just keep making the days closer together.

And for any of those people who can easily beat their friends at electronics/video games, try giving them a chance to win at chess.

in December 2008

Playing chess with my hubby is a great fun. I also love doing SuDoku, I prefer using pencil and paper for that game.


in January 2009

This is particularly important for kids. They need toys that require their energy, not the energy of a battery or plug. Better yet, the great outdoors is the best form of entertainment of all.

in January 2009

game night yea

in September 2009

Board games are the way too go. Like Go, Chess and Mankala.!! Glass Pieces and Cloth boards!!!

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in March 2013

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