Make a Wind Generator, 48°

Its easy to make a wind generator from junk. Check out for an open source wind generator you can make from salvaged parts. Although it is a small generator, it is a good start in building these types of systems.

Once you get your feet wet, move up to for bigger and better designs!

Making wind generators from scrap materials is not only fun, it is good for the environment and your pocketbook.

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That rocks! Having depended on wind power via a very small genny I can highly recommend pursuing this course of action. While I didn't build mine, just the owning and operation of one was immensely satisfying. My wife used to accuse me of "gazing lovingly" at my wind generator. I do miss it.

in October 2008

Yeah, wind generators are so much funner to look at than solar panels!

in October 2008

I've made a wind turbine from these plans, but took several pictures along the way. Some of the instructions were confusing. Here is the link to the "modified" instructions with the pictures:

Here's a link to some how-to video's to make a vertical axis wind tubine also:

in November 2008

My hubby made one from scratch, just gotta get it up and running.


in January 2009

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