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Who needs Thanksgiving or the in-laws over for dinner as an excuse to bring out the cloth napkins? There's no need for a fancy dinner spread or a special occasion. Why not use cloth napkins every day? And while you'll spice up that morning cereal, you'll also prevent another napkin form finding its way into the garbage while saving a bit of the energy and trees that are used in paper production.

Cloth napkins are available at most department stores and major retailers like IKEA and Target. But to save more money and resources while adding a creative kick, make your own out of gently used sheets and fabrics.

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Tuck one into your brown bagged lunch - it will seem very luxurious in the breakroom and reduce paper napkin use even further.

in January 2009

Great idea Lynn! Bring your own utensils too. Here in Japan it's easy to find chopsticks in a carry-case but I'm sure you can find a utensil set too. Another great idea from Japan: buy a mini-hand towel (or facecloth) to keep in your handbag/knapsack to dry your hands in public restrooms.

in February 2009

Make your own cloth napkins out of unbleached calico - decorate them with embroidery or appliqué with recycled fabric scraps for individual flair.

Then make your own napkin rings! I cut a plastic shampoo bottle into rings, then was disappointed when I peeled off the label and was left with sticky glue on the bottle. Not to worry! I covered the sticky part with some pretty recycled wrapping paper! Gorgeous napkin rings if I do say so myself!

in March 2009

I have made own chest for my dozens of cloth napkins!
Every now and then I visit local department store and buy a yard of cotton fabric. That makes six good size napkins, something to do for one evening and feeling that one has done something good for the Earth. After doing this for some six years, we have napkins for every mood and occasion.

in October 2010

I sew awesome cloth napkins! I have over 500 fabric prints, themes, etc. I even personalize them if people want that. I hand make them and sell them for very cheap ($4). I am trying to help people save paper towels the fun way! My website is:
My Facebook page (if you want to 'like' my cloth napkins):

in March 2011

It has been advised to use cloth napkins instead of the paper ones so that we can reduce the number of things that are non-renewable. However, if we consider only the beauty of the things, which we come across, we cannot preserve the environment.
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Serviettes en tissu: chic et éco-conscients, 180 °

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