Sign The Appeal Against Patents On Seeds, 69°

Many people are aware of the trend in patenting GM foods, but many are not aware of the trend in patenting foods that have not been genetically modified.

A crucial patent is before the European Patent Office at the moment that could if granted set a precedent allowing a small number of companies to control production, sale and consumption of a large portion of the World's food supply.

You can protest granting of this patent and similar patents by signing the online petition here:

You can also download a sign list here:

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This is not the easiest of petitions to sign, you must print it out and mail it back. I think it is worth doing, by doing so it also gives you the opportunity to gather more signatures thus taking an important step towards activism. We need more activists! The issue is clear, we must halt the progress of the GM industry in it's attemts to control our food supply. They are using the tactics of fear so effectively utilized by their puppets in the Bush administration to wage war and bail out the rich. Their cynical use of the food crisis as rationale for their increased expansion and profits are reprehensible, they are helping to create the food crisis!

In the US they are destroying family farmers, poisoning the public, silencing scientists who don't tow the line and purchasing senators and regulating agencies. They have their sights set on the EU. In the US 80% of food in the supermarkets contains GM ingredients and the public isn't even aware. 52% of Americans believe they have never eaten GM food, most eat it every day. Is that what we want for the EU?
Please take up this action.

in October 2008

If you look right above the download it says "Sign Here" just click and you can sign without having to download the petition.

in August 2011

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