Start a Worm Farm to Dispose of your Food Scraps, 111°

Make (there are plenty of resources on the internet to tell you how) or buy a worm farm and get those worms to work on your food scraps. The waste products (vermicast and 'worm tea') make great fertiliser for your garden.

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Its a great way to give your seeds and plants a little kick start this spring. The worm poop is great fertilizer.

in October 2008

Typical wormery worms are not your typical garden worms and will die if put in your garden.
These folks have great information and resources for vermiculture.
You can even order the worms through the mail. I made my own wormery but I ordered the worms, ph balancer and worm treats from them almost 2 years ago and my worms are still going strong.

in October 2008

This is going really well, I extended this to see how it scales for a small business--

in October 2008

It's so easy and no more smelly rubbish bins. Just need to find a way of disposing of animal waste. Maybe some kind of liquidiser and then dry it out?

in December 2008

I've had my worm bin going for about 10 years now - still with descendants of my original worms! I also give them away to other people who are setting up their own backyard wormeries. Most satisfying to help others get started.

in March 2009