Good Earth Coffee asks you to Pledge to brew at home, 253°

Good Earth Coffee —purveyor of premium, organic coffees —is urging you to brew coffee at home and help keep billions of "to go" coffee cups out of landfills.

For everyone who takes the "Brew at Home" Pledge, Good Earth will donate $1 to The Trust for Public Land, up to $20,000.

Good Earth Coffee's donation will help The Trust for Public Land conserve land nationwide as parks, gardens, and natural areas, for all to enjoy. Since 1972, TPL has helped conserve more than 2.5 million acres of land and develop more than 500 parks in cites across America.

Visit to make your pledge.

14 comments about this action

If you have to get coffee on the road, most coffee houses are happy to fill your personal (reusable) cup.

in January 2009

I reuse and reuse and reuse my coffee mugs- until they break, they never get thrown away! Er, recycled, I mean.

in March 2009

A few years ago, nobody would refill your own coffee cup (I think it was about food hygiene...) I remember being looked at very sideways when I tried to have my own cup filled.

These days everyone seems to be doing it! Brilliant!

So if you must drink takeaway coffee:
a) Take your own cup
b) Ask for fairly traded, organic coffee
c) Ask for organic milk or soy milk

And use your sleeve to polish your halo rather than a disposable napkin ;)

in March 2009

I keep a coffee mug at work, I also use it for oatmeal or soup. I also have my own water cup at work.

in March 2009

I seldom buy coffee out anymore. I make it at home or get it dispensed into my own mug at work. Sometimes I bring a carafe of cofee with me to social activities so that people don't feel like they have to buy cofee out.

in October 2009

Can't find the pledge on the 8 O'clock coffee site any longer. Did 8 O'Clock coffee buyout Good Earth Coffee?

in September 2010

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