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I hope this qualifies as an action. Joe

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Freecycling rocks! I love it when I give something away, almost as much as being given something really useful; my printer, blinds for my sunroom, a toaster, an antique oak drop leaf table, a mahogany dining room table. Some of it I've even freecycled back for another go round! How cool is that?

in October 2008

You should create this as a 'project' on Celsias, so that you can talk about it loads more, add photos, invite people - all that kinda thing!!

in October 2008

been douing this for awhile now

in September 2009

Just signed up last week!

in November 2009

Also check out's new and doesn't have many members, but it's much easier to use than Freecycle.

in May 2010

I've been freecycling for a couple years now. I even built a new site ( ) to make my local groups quicker and easier to use.

in August 2010

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