Support your local farmers' market, 1083°

Locally-grown produce can reduce the amount of energy required to grow and transport the food to you by 20%.

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I love the Logan Square and Federal Plaza Farmer's Markets. I hope both grow.

in June 2008

I love my local Farmer's Market. The food is fresher, cheaper, and yummier. And I love chatting with the farmers, and supporting my community.

in June 2008

I'm an unrepentant Farmer's Market addict!

in June 2008

We grow some and we are part of a very local CSA. We fill in at the farmers market.

in July 2008

If you're in Christchurch, you have to check out the Lyttelton Farmers market (cold in winter but worth it!).

Carlin Archer

in July 2008

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in August 2008

I help at Kaiapoi Farmers Market which is starting up again on Saturday 4th October opposite the New World supermarket. We have very reasonable rates for stalls and we are there every saturday 9-12noon.

in September 2008

Cronton Garden Centre holds a market every 4 weeks and The Hollies at Little Stretton,Warrington we support well even though the goods are more expensive than the big hypermarkets.

in March 2009

Every Friday morning on my way to work I wander through the Oakland Farmer's the fresh veggies and fruit (especially the kiwi). What are your favorite things to get at your farmer's market? Kiwi, grapefruit, and almonds are delish at mine!

in July 2009

I have been doing this for a few years, and the markets get better and better. Bought my first CSA ths year. It has been a wonderful learning experience, and my family and I are eating so much better.

in August 2009

We have a farmer's market booth, where we promote several local and sustainable growers, also an on-line farmer's market running all year long.

in October 2009

...following farmers is not only for the sake of this project, but also to help their business and the also the business of the country become healthy...

in September 2010

Love fresh produce and supporting local farmers. I'm even surprised by how better a peach tastes when purchased straight from the farmer rather than the supermarket.

in September 2010

Living in NYC makes this too easy. The year-round Union Square farmers' market is totally amazing, and my neighborhood in Queens has a smaller seasonal farmers' market just a few blocks from my home.

in February 2012

l love my farmers and also encourage them to go organic to protect their environment and health

in April 2012

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in October 2014

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