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During the Vice Presidential debate, both Senator Biden and Governor Palin touting their support for "clean coal". But both presidential campaigns and Congress are missing the point: Conventional coal-burning power plants are the leading cause of global warming pollution in the United States. "Clean Coal" is a myth--a contradiction in terms. Coal companies claim they can develop coal plants at some point in the distant future that will capture and sequester carbon pollution. But carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is unproven and exorbitantly expensive.


We need real solutions, not coal industry myths. Use the form below to send a message to both Presidential campaigns: We need clean, green energy now!

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From always on anything to cool boxes in markets with no doors,
From grid charged electric cars to electrically dependent tar sands extraction,
From mountaintop removal to climate chaos,

Continued reliance on coal is insane!

in October 2008

Right on C. Robb! Thanks for taking a bold stance to stop the development of coal.

Help spread the petition around to all your contacts!

in October 2008

The clean coal lovefest is so aggravating! Like the offshore drilling insanity that came before it.

in October 2008

When will we get politicians that are willing to speak truth to the public? Maybe this banking fiasco will bring about change but I'm not holding my breath.

in October 2008

I don't know what debate you guys saw, but I heard both candidates said they would do the following three actions for energy: CLEAN COAL, DRILLING and NUCLEAR. In fact, I heard a radio commercial bragging that BOTH CANDIDATES support CLEAN COAL. Although I work every day at the Obama campaign, it kills me that he can speak out in support of a woman's right to choose and gay rights, but he caved in on true renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, ocean wave and electric vehicles).

In order to achieve these goals, our leaders need to STOP speaking the terms, coal, drill and nuclear.

in October 2008

Sudeep--we are looking into the problem and will let you know as soon as we figure out how we can add international entries. sorry for any confusion!

in October 2008

The problem is not just in the production, but also in the consumption.

People want to be able to consume increasing amounts of electricity but don't want the generation that comes with it. Bah!

Electirc vehicles are ***not** renewable energy unless they are backed by renewable generation. Many people want electric cars which will need even more electricity (an electric car in the driveway would likely double the average household's electricity usage), yet they don't want the generation that comes with it.

Here's the thing people... If you halve your electricity usage then you'll be halving the generation and associated pollution needed to provide that electricity.

No alternative generation source can get anywhere near generating enough to supply current consumption. Dramatically reduce the consumption and it becomes more reasonable to try to provide that power by alternative means.

in December 2008

Today, more than ever, consumers have the ability — and the interest — to invest in clean energy. Clean energy includes energy efficiency and clean energy supply options like highly efficient combined heat and power as well as renewable energy sources.

in May 2013

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in May

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