Food for Change: eat only plant-based foods for one whole MONTH, 102°

Ok, now this might seem really hard for someone who has not done this before. Some good motivation could be needed. Reading the book "The China Study" by Colin T. Campbell would help of course - - it's about the connection between modern "western" degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis etc and the foods we in the industrial nations consume in such large amounts. Definitely worth the effort, it has added much to my appreciation of the subject.

The plant-based-food-for-one-month challenge is spelled out in this book as well.
Enjoy the journey! you can always go back to eating steaks n burgers later :-)

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Meat is plant-based food. Something about heart disease and diabetes as well as cancer is not just WHAT food you are eating, but the quality of said food and the chemicals in that food. Organically raised fish is far healthier for you than standard potatoes. The content of most people's water is suspicious as well. Chlorine, amongst others, over time can be very unhealthy for anyone.

So, the suggestions here is to eat better quality foods, including a well-rounded diet that gives you a balance of all vitamins and minerals.

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I know what you mean, I have the same issue!

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We know that the none veg food which we get from outside contains harmful color and oxidants which can cause even cancer and other malicious diseases. Doctors recommend that everyone should include leafy vegetables in their diet in order to stay healthy.
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