Food for Change: eat only plant-based foods for one whole WEEK, 116°

What is it like to eat only plant-based foods for a whole week? If you need some inspiration on what to cook, the internet is abrimm of recipes.
You may also consider visiting a website called as I found it to be a great source for further links to other sites.
Acknowledge yourself for lowering the market demand for animal-based food products for a week. It may seem like nothing much in the big scheme of things, but you are making a small impact on it anyway. And it will be interesting to find out what impact it has on your own body's wellbeing, whether or not you continue eating like that.
Who knows, you might even like it :-)

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Actually eating meat and demanding better production methods is better than dropping out. Grass-fed animals like organic, free range beef and chickens are better for the environment than eating soybeans, which cause deforestation. Animals have been a part of the food chain for billions of years, and we should encourage proper techniques for raising and harvesting animals. By dropping out of meat consumption, your vote no longer counts towards the meat producers. I grow my own meat, and my own plants, and I know exactly what goes into both. My animals live happy and healthy lives. If I were to ever by meat, I would demand that it was produced like I produce it, and thus, I help change the production of meat through participation.

in October 2008

Ingredients sourced from animals are present in the majority of value-added food items in today's food markets. Reading labels will astound and educate anybody willing to turn the packet around.
The proportion of animal-based foods in todays general diet is very much higher than, say, a hundred years ago. So is the incidence of so-called degenerative diseases like heart diseases, cancers, diabetes etc. Research into historical general eating habits shows that populations consuming mainly plant-based foods encounter only a fraction of those diseases, especially heart disease, the number one killer in 'affluent' societies like the States, Europe etc. and now China as the country becomes richer and people turn to "luxury" foods which are more meat and other animal based products.
Think about it. There is probably little wrong in consuming s*o*m*e* meat or fish or egg or milk.... Consider though that the evidence points very strongly toward a definite connection between high animal-based food consumption and a high incidence of degenerative diseases.
Re: global warming - quite a lot of research is being done about how to lower the greenhouse gas emissions from cows. As the population of cattle grows around the planet so does the amount of cow farts. This is happening to the extent that it is considered important enough to be addressed with industry sponsored R&D!
Re deforestation:
It is clear today that the largest proportion of crops grown on the planet today are consumed by lifestock. Although saying that eating soy beans causes deforestation may be somewhat valid commentary, it might just be contextually necessary to consider who is actually eating the soybeans in question (hint: soy protein is a widle used animal feed).

Generally speaking, having strong opinions may or may not be a good thing. It may be far more useful to observe and consider how agriculture has morphed from "culture" to "industry" fuelled by financial mechanisms like subsidies designed to shift the market from high plant-based foods to high (animal) protein foods.

It may also be useful to consider that hand-in-hand with the shift to high animal-based food consumption a disproportionate rise in degenerative health issues is recorded, both in terms of people's health and planetary health.

in December 2008

I've been vegan for nine years and it feels fantastic! :)

in January 2009

Entire families have been vegetarian for generations in India. They know no other, and Indian vegetarian cuisine offers a splendid variety to all kinds of tastes - from the blandest to the spiciest. (speaking from experience, travelling all over my country). But vegan? Milk is our main source of calcium... (supplements - none ever taken unless doctor ordered!)

in April 2009

Alimentation pour le changement: ne manger que des aliments à base de plantes pour toute une semaine, 116 °
replique montre

in March 2014

all food is changing . Companies don't care if your rice or fed rat poison as do the selling. American Swan

in July 2014

only eat plant food , like vegetarian???

in November 2014

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in November 2014

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