Food for Change: eat only plant-based foods for one whole DAY, 187°

Simply experience what it's like. Make sure to consume lots of vegetables and fruit, not only dognuts :-) Prepare at least one delicious meal based only on plant-based foods.
Here are some ideas
Breakfast: cooked porridge (from oats or millet...) sweetened with raisins and dates and a sqashed banana. Have it with oat milk or soy milk or make a smoothie with fruit juice and the banana instead of cooking it in the porridge.
Lunch: Big fresh salad and steamed or baked potatoes with a vinaigrette of finely chopped olives, capers, onion, rosemary.
Light dinner: Grated carrot and cabbage salad topped with baked tofu (spice how you like it) and toasted pumpkin seeds.
Sleep well knowing you did it :-)

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I do this once a week, known as Meatless Monday. No meat or dairy, just plant stuff. Re-discovered how tasty some veggie-friends are without being drowned in butter, gravy, or some type of sauce that can often go with meat. Ahh yes, even the walnuts and pecans added to salads make them happy, and what can I say about baked beans SANS that lipid lump. Around here it is apple time, and this year they are juicy and sweet so they are eaten fresh (after cleaning of coarse). Bon Appetit

in October 2008

I do this a couple times a week, and would like to try it on a greater scale some time soon. I thought it was important to at least cut down on my meat consumption even though I am not compelled to go without completely.

in February 2009

Well done for giving it some effort. is a fantastic resource to use for next steps.

My fundamental question has become this: as I begin to appreciate more and more how my personal food choices affect the global chain of events why, as an earth citizen, would I keep animal-based food on my menu at all? Could it be just habit or convenience?
So then a logical next question could be this: Is the current global degeneration process happening due to humans acting simply driven by habitual patterns? And if I cared to exploit my personal choices to impact global event-chains, would I not be interested in adjusting my personal habits in such a way that my actions and choices can help bring about positive climate change?

I have done this over a year now, and am loving it. Animal-based food like cheese have become the very rare exception and any animal meat has not crossed my lips since I began this anyway. Just don't eat the stuff and feel so much better for it.

in February 2009

Reducing your meat consumption is still the biggest single thing you can do to reduce your eco-footprint.

in April 2009

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in July 2015