Switch to green TP, 201°

Metaphorically green :)
either the kind that isn't wrapped in plastic, or the kind that's made from recycled paper and is wrapped in plastic. I don't know which is environmentally better. But I hate throwing plastic away so I got the paper-wrapped kind. It's thin and strong. A sheet is much lower volume than Charmin so it saves paper; and less likely to clog the pipes.

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In my area LIDL sells TP made from recylced paper, 10x250 sheets. I have been buying it for awhile. Of course it is wrapped in plastic but most of that stuff is.

in September 2008

According to the NRDC, this is one of the most important things you can do for the environment! Most important is the kind made from recycled paper. Plastic can be recycled, but killing boreal forests cannot be undone.

in September 2008

Seventh Generation sells recycle-paper products. You can even bulk order them through Amazon.com. I get stuff like that in bulk once or twice a year.

in October 2009

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