closing my office to work from home , 111°

swapped the view of the pacific ocean for one of snow covered ranges and countryside saving me 160k of travel each day. Can now work from home and spend more time playing with my children.....while remaining connected thanks to my laptop and village broadband.

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Since I started working at home I've noticed not only the benefit to work/life balance but also it has really enabled me to concentrate on what needs to be done. Office environments aren't all noisy and annoying of course, but you do get constant interruptions and diversions from office gossip, to that good old statement "have you got 5 minutes?". I still have a 'hot desk' and share office space in a busy digital print and design company (I walk or cycle there) which does enable me to network and get a buzz of the social atmosphere. Now thought I yearn for the quiet environment of home, and get more "while you're here" statements to divert me.
Long live the idea of working from home, with VOIP, Internet, VPN and all manner of technology connecting people to each other - it really does work!

in November 2008

Can work from home, it is too good, the strength of strong, and can spend more time with my children to play.hublot replica

in September 2014

I moved to my boat in Ibiza a few years ago, and it's just awesome to work from home, but at the same time be able to move every now and then. I spend winters in the south of the Spain mainland and sometimes in the Canary Islands, and then every spring I move back to Ibiza where I charter my boat, but just for boat trips in Ibiza, without overnight stay, so I don't need to share my "home" with strangers, unless I want to:-)

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