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Sign the petition to add a 31st article to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, establishing access to clean water as a fundamental human right. -

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Be careful!

While access to clean water is very important for people who only have very poor water, it is important to make sure that the levels are not too excessively strict.

The human body has evolved to be able to cope with a certain level of germs etc and it is pointless to deliver water above that.

For instance, the water supply in my area is not chemically treated. The water tastes great and nobody in the area has been made sick by the water. But testing shows some level of germs that authorities would like to stamp out.One reliable and cost effective way to do that is to use chlorination, so now the authorities are considering chlorinating the water to make it germ free.

I'd far rather a low level of germs than having chorine!

I'm lucky in that I live in a democracy where myself and others can rally against the authorities and I'm sure sense will prevail.

In third world countries the authorities will often ride rough-sod over what communities need. Philanthropists are often insensitive to the real issues and real needs.

in December 2008

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