Choose biodegradable products and packaging, 293°

Have you checked if what you're using or what you're buying is available as a biodegradable item? Have you made the important switch?

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Biodegradable is often just a greenwash.

Products will only biodegrade if put in an environment that supports biological processes, for example a compost bin or some other digester. If you place your biodegradable waste in landfill then it won't degrade.

Some years ago, a 30 year old section of the Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island was dug up and recovered items included a newspaper and hotdog that had only discoloured slightly and not degraded at all.

I have found pine needles perfectly reserved in a wreck that was almost 350 years old.

If you want biodegradable products then make sure you're doing the whole process.

in October 2008

that's right, throw biodegradables in the compost!

in November 2008

if you think that newspoaper you bought today will be gone in say 10 years think again it takes a lot longer when it is 20 feet down under 2 or 3 tons of garbage

in September 2009

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