Switching to reusable bags instead of plastic/paper grocery bags, 1592°

Instead of choosing paper or plastic, trade up to a reusable canvas bag to carry your groceries.

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We keep them in the car because we find that if we don't we forget to bring them with us. It feels great walking into the store with them too.

in September 2008

I leave some in the office and let my work mates know that they are there if they'd like to borrow them when popping to the shop.

in September 2008

I agree - keeping them in the car is key! There's no worse feeling than getting to the checkout and realizing they're still at home and then having to make that dreaded choice....paper or plastic...ugh!

in September 2008

Woolies' green bags rock! I use them for lots of other stuff too. Another tip to get in the habit of remembering your bags: just buy a new reusable one each time you forget, and soon you'll have enough extra ones to keep in the car no matter what.

in September 2008

I do not buy anything if i don't have my cloth bag. I put it off for the next trip out, whenever that may be. A bag is left by the side of the key-holder.

in October 2008

i'm a no plastic bag nazi!

in November 2008

OK, I admit, I do tend to look like a granny when I go shopping - I have cloth bags and a shopping trolley - nice red one with squeaky wheels!
It's perfect for carrying heavier goods when walking to and from the market (ie. beer!).

in November 2008

yep - we have done this for several years now. Or if only getting a few items I dont take a bag. Saw a good idea Germany are doing which is providing recycling areas for the excess packaging before you leave the store. Putting the onus on the retail to do the recycling at source.

in March 2009

Plastic bags are horrible i would rather use reusable bags!!!
They are way better for the environment

in September 2009

I have this canvas bag i use for my shopping. Every time the green grocers wants to use poly bag he looks at my hand if have this contraption with me.
Poly bags can be real pests, they clog the sewers and let the streets get inundated. This stalls traffic, emergency servoicesokay, I read in papers that school children drown.
They should be banned and its use penalized.

in September 2009

A neat thing about this project is that in California you get a discount on your groceries. Most storys give you 9cents for every bag you bring in to use.

in October 2009

Love my reusable bags. Been using some from Ecobags for over 2 years now. They're still in excellet condition!

in November 2009

Reusable bags are the Wave of the Future and plastic bags Still have there purpose.

in January 2010

i am using reusable bags especially paper bags .
i plegde to continue doing this till i can.

in July 2010

Reduce plastics, Use reusable plastics, Remove nonbiodegradable garbages and make our green world green forever

in August 2010

Why would you carry an ugly plastic bag when there are so many nice enviro bags around?

I love Muji's black canvas tote bag:

I've had it for a year and it's still in great condition --- even after carrying heavy objects like my laptop and groceries around.

in September 2010

Call me an old fashion European, but I use my willow basket. At home I can put my recycleable bottles and cans in them and return those in shop on my way in, purchase my shoppings streight to basket and pack them back to basket after buying... I can't live without.

in October 2010

plastic bags everywhere
I use canvas cause I care.

in August 2011

Montgomery County in Maryland has now imposed a $.05 fee/non-reusable bag at checkout. Great legislation. Now thousands of people are using reusable bags rather than pay the fee.

in February 2012

I do this at the grcery store at the farmers market and as a matter of fact i have a bag of bags in my home my vehichle and at my workplace as well just incase i"m away from the other's

in March 2012

Instead of stop use of plastic bags we must stop to spread them so that we can control pollution due to plastics.

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in October 2012

I was so excited when stores started doing this, honestly they should just get rid of plastic and paper bags altogether.

Here is actually another action that can really reduce our pollution!

in March 2013

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in April 2013

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in December 2013

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in February 2014

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in July 2014

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in September 2014

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