Unplug appliances when not in use, 1155°

This can reduce your energy bills considerably, especially if you normally have things like TV on standby, air conditioning on low, water cooler still on etc - there's loads!

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Another thing:
- Only buy electric items that you REALLY need. Is there a non-powered alternative? For instance, heated towel rails, hair dryers, electric razors and a host of other small electricals are not essential. So don't buy them! (And I won't even mention hot dog cookers and personal candy floss machines!)
- When you DO buy electricals, choose the most efficient model. Products vary a lot. Do your homework.

in June 2008

Power strips with a on/off switch, and use the switch.. If you have an electric water heater, install a dual time adjustable on/off timer on it. They're available at most hardware and home improvement outlets. I set mine to come on at 5am then off at 8am, then back on at 5pm and off at 9pm. My electricity bill dropped by $25 a month after I added this to my water heater.

in July 2008

I applaud energy awareness, but please get things in perspective.

With the exception of glass screen TVs, standby power is minimal for most electronic and other devices (LCD TV, CD players etc). A couple of Watts here and there add up to maybe 20W or so in an average household.

You'd do better at power saving by drinking two less cups of coffee a day and saving the energy needed to boil the water.

Of course, individual circumstances will vary.

in July 2008

I think the point is to make every watt count. After all a watt is a measurement in time (one joule of energy per second).

People shouldn't feel as though it's OK to waste energy. Any amount of energy. Multiplied by millions of homes it all adds up.

Interesting site here on stand-by power from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the U.S.


in August 2008

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in August 2008

According to the U.S Department of Energy, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off. Assuming their statistics are accurate, I think unplugging unused electronics or installing power strips is a fantastic idea that should make a noticeable positive impact.

in August 2008

We actually plug all of our energy vampires into plug sticks and turn them off when not in use. The entertainment center only runs for a few hours in the evening and the computer center, only during office hours. The water heater, only when we need hot water and lights are shut off except when needed. Also, we invested in a "keep warm" pot for coffee. I brew a pot and transfer it to the insulated pot to keep warm while we drink it. I also utilize crock pot cooking and small electric kitchen appliances whenever possible.

in September 2008

You can purchase a variety of power meters that plug into your power outlet, then plug your appliance into them to check what the standby power use is.

I recently got one from my local hardware store and was astounded to see what my appliances are up to when I thought they were switched off! The washing machine has been sucking us dry! (To use that lovely 'energy vampire' analogy.)

The other big surprise was the small radio we have in the kitchen. When left plugged in, it consumes something like 20 watts of power, even when we thought it was turned off.

in March 2009

"According to the U.S Department of Energy, 75% of the electricity used to power home electronics is consumed while the products are turned off"

Kelly B: I really struggle to believe that. Where did you get that from?

in April 2009

every plug pin comes off the hole once the appliance is witched off, mosquito units, Phone chargers, lap tops, even mobile chargers and mixer grinders.

in September 2009

Power strips and little plug-in switches make this very easy to do.

in October 2009

The "Smart Strip" is great because it ends the pull of "idle power".

in November 2009

If it's plugged in it's using electricity, on or off.

in January 2010

I was appalled to find out recently that some countries don't have off switches on wall sockets! I mean !!!!

in May 2010

This surely important especially in Nepal where we are having serious problems of load shedding.

in August 2011

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in May 2014

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in August 2014

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in August 2014

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