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Chris Dalby

The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft

 The 5 Countries Most Plagued by Oil Theft are : Nigeria As much as 400,000 barrels of oil a day are stolen in Nigeria. This equates to losses of $1.7 ... read more »
Daniel F Benson-Guiu and sources.

Water Pollution from Fracking in Four US States.

The fossil fuel industry may say that fracking does not cause pollution in our water ways, that it is an urban myth, but hundreds of complaints have been made in ... read more »

The Future of The Great Barrier Reef.

In December 2013 the Liberal National Government of Australia, headed by Tony Abbot, approved to dredge 3 million cubic metres of the Great Barrier Reef in order to expand the ... read more »
Thomas Prade

Industrial Hemp for Biofuels.

This article is originally from The Conversation and can be found here. It has been written by Thomas Prade. Bioenergy is currently the fastest growing source of renewable energy. Cultivating energy crops on ... read more »

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