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The Kermadecs- an Incredible new Marine Sanctuary

In a surprise announcement to the UN General Assembly New Zealand has declared that mining,  prospecting and fishing are to be banned in the Kermadecs which becomes a marine sanctuary ... read more »

Shell Leaves the Arctic - YAY !

  Yay !!  Shell has abandoned its Arctic drilling campaign off the coast of Alaska. It has spent billions in its exploration efforts and they have failed to make a ... read more »

Can a 19 year old avoid a car for a year?

One of our Celsias people Tim, who did all our newsletters til about 18 months ago, has set himself a new challenge.He's a mad keen computer gamer as well as ... read more »
The Conversation /Geoffrey Robinson

How will history look upon Abbott and his prime ministership?

In 1955, American conservative author William F. Buckley wrote a mission statement which would become the voice of the American right. The role of the conservative, Buckley suggested, was to: ... read more »

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